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  • All concurrent pre-recorded presentations will be played in order of the program attached and should run for 10-minutes sharp
  • Presentations will remain on the webinar for on demand viewing post event for paid registrants only unless requested otherwise
  • The program has allocated 15-minutes per a concurrent presentation, which provides the ability for speaker’s to answer questions throughout their 10-minute presentation, with up to 3-minutes post presentation to continue answering questions, leaving 2-minutes vacant for attendees to change between streams if necessary
  • The virtual conference platform will provide the ability for speakers to login and create a speaker profile for themselves prior to the webinar for delegates to view, more information about this will be available soon


  • Provide a 600-word publication ASAP by responding to this email, this was due last Friday 27 March 2020
  • Pre-record their 10-minute presentation and provide a copy by COB Friday 22 May 2020
  • The finalised presentation and a photo of the presenting author are required to be uploaded to the following link for uploading:
  • Register, pay and attend Ideaction.Virtual, so you can answer any questions throughout your presentation providing networking opportunities



Please contact Alignment Event Solutions if you require further information or have any questions.
E: P: +61 420 636 757

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Poster Presentations should be provided as a PDF, and can be created in PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE format, maximum size of 10mb.

TITLE: Main poster title should be in 48pt.

OTHER TEXT: Text in the body of the poster should be 22-26pt.

CONTENT: Use these tips to help develop a great poster. The poster should:

  • Be a visual representation of your submitted abstract
  • Be self-explanatory in the event you are not present to explain the content
  • Include an introduction, body and a list of conclusions
  • Make the flow of information explicit and easy for the eye to follow eg. organise the poster in columns running down the poster rather than in rows
  • Use numbering and bulleting to highlight important points
  • Use short sentences
  • Not be loaded with large amounts of data, methodology or reference lists
  • Have short titles for each illustration

DISPLAYING POSTERS: Posters will be displayed for the duration of Ideaction.Virtual and post event unless requested otherwise. 

POSTER PRESENTATION DEADLINE: Poster Presentations must be uploaded to the following link by COB Monday 18 May 2020.

Require further assistance? If you require more information on preparing your poster, please email